Software tool for CASA

Software tool for CASA

With TRuDI (transparency and display software), the Bundesdisplay intitiative provides a manufacturer-independent, standardised visualisation solution which fulfils the requirements of the German Meter Operation Act (in particular para. 35, para. 62) and PTB-A50.8 and which can be used within the specification framework of the German Federal Office for Information Security. TRuDI provides a display function through which measured values available in the SMGW are displayed to the end user. Furthermore, a socalled transparency function is available. Within the scope of this functional feature, the software enables the end consumer to locally reconstruct tariff calculations carried out on the basis of measured values of the SMGW in the supplier’s system and thus to verify bills.


  • You can use the display function to display current register readings, meter readings and messages from the smart meter gateway at any time.
  • If tariffing takes place directly in the smart meter gateway, the displayed register readings can be used for billing verification.
  • If tariffing is not carried out in the smart meter gateway itself, but on the basis of a meter reading at your supplier, you will receive a file with tariffing information from the supplier. Using this file, TRuDI can load the data required for billing verification from the smart meter gateway and calculate as well as display the tariff registers.

Can be combined with the following products:

  • CASA

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