Software tool for basic meters

Software tool for basic meters

The basic meter tool (BZ tool for short) is our configuration program for the EMH basic meters eHZ-P, eBZD-F, eBZD-G, eHZB and eBZD-H. It can be used to read out and save meter data and to change device settings.


  • Configuration options
  • Meter data readout
  • Tariff adjustment in the device
  • Reading out/viewing logbooks for the purpose of tracing events on/in the device
  • Storage of seconds index and meter reading
  • OKK connection option

Can be combined with the following products:

  • eHZ-P
  • eBZD-F
  • eBZD-G
  • Meter security module ZSM-XC
  • eHZB
  • eBZD-H

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