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EMH metering receives major French order for Smart Grid meters

New generation of IP meters for transmission system operator RTE / Meter provides standardised power quality data / Establishment of a smart high-voltage network / Meter production “Made in Europe”

Gallin, 8th January 2019. EMH metering GmbH & Co. KG has won a contract with the French transmission grid operator RTE for a major smart grid project. The contract comprises the supply of high-precision electricity meters with IP-based communication for the coming three years. With the new high-tech meters, RTE is converting its transmission network into a smart grid. The objective is to better integrate renewable energies without fluctuations in network quality. The conversion will start in 2019 and will take place in three stages. The project will also use meters that comply with the IEC 61000-4-30 Class A quality seal for measuring network status data. RTE will thus receive standardised, reliable and legally compliant data in order to determine voltage quality. Another technical requirement for the meters was the implementation of the international data standard COSEM.

“This is an important contract for EMH metering,” Peter Heuell, Managing Director of EMH metering GmbH, explains. “We have developed a completely new generation of high-precision meters for RTE. Based on our proven measuring technologies and innovative technological approaches, we have developed a meter that enables our customer to take the step towards a smart transmission network. Series production will start in January 2019.”

In a first step, RTE is converting the complete readout infrastructure of its meters to IP-based communication. This enables the smart grid meters to transmit data taken in very short measuring intervals in a very quick and precise manner. In the future, RTE will be able to detect when the transmission networks are overloaded at an early stage and will thus be able to intervene. In the third roll-out stage, EMH supplies meters that are compliant with the IEC 61000-4-30 Class A standard. This norm defines standards for measuring and interpreting voltage quality features in AC power supply networks. Previously, energy companies have used special analysis devices to obtain this data. In the future, billing and network management will be based on a single device. Heuell: “The meter will become a network management tool. This is a milestone for our customers.” Whereas meter data used to be sent mainly to the billing systems to be processed there, this data will now also be sent to and processed in network management systems (SCADA system). This will help RTE to significantly improve the quality of its networks.

All meters for RTE comply with the international standard COSEM. COSEM enables globally harmonised meter communication. EMH metering has been supplying RTE with “LZQJ-XC” meters since 2010. In addition to the proven partnership, the reason for the award of this contract was the high quality of the meters, which are manufactured exclusively in Europe.

About EMH GmbH & Co. KG

EMH metering GmbH & Co. KG is one of the world’s leading suppliers of digital systems for the collection, transmission, storage and distribution of energy measurement data. With intelligent and integrated measuring systems, EMH metering enables energy companies to digitise their energy systems and develop new business models. The product range comprises precision meters in the extra-high voltage and transmission networks, special meters for medium and low voltage distribution networks, electronic domestic supply meters, DIN rail meters for industrial applications as well as the corresponding communication systems and gateways. For the upcoming smart meter rollout in Germany, EMH metering is offering the necessary products and components that comply with legal requirements. EMH metering was founded in 1991 and has its headquarters in Gallin, near Hamburg. More than 250 employees work at a total of three locations.

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