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EMH metering integrates RLM customers in the rollout of intelligent metering systems

EMH metering integrates RLM customers in the rollout of intelligent metering systems

At the E-World trade fair, EMH metering GmbH & Co. KG is presenting an electricity meter for registered load profile measurement (RLM), which can be integrated in the infrastructure of intelligent measurement systems (iMsys). For the first time ever, the solution supports a legally compliant rollout for RLM measuring systems. Meter operators can in this way create a single, highsecurity and BSI-certified system for household and industrial customers. EMH metering GmbH is one of the German market leaders for modern energy meters. From 6 to 8 February 2018, the company will for the first time also present value-added modules for the smart meter gateway (SMGW) at E-World. These can give energy utilities decisive competitive advantages in their rollouts of smart metering systems.

The tried & tested EMH load profile meter LZQJ-XC can be connected to the smart meter gateway (SMGW) with a communication adapter. For meter operators, this solution for the first time offers the option of integrating RLM measurements into the new smart meter infrastructure. Such a combined system for household and industrial customers is much more efficient than two separate systems. The conventional remote meter reading (ZFA) for RLM measurements is also replaced by highly secure and BSI certified data transmission with a smart meter gateway. The “BSI-compliant Adapter for Regular Customers” (BAB) is approved under calibration regulations.

“With our proven load profile meter, the legal requirements for the RLM measurement can easily be transposed to the iMsys world,” says Peter Heuell, Managing Director of EMH metering GmbH & Co. KG. “For energy suppliers, this is the decisive step. Because large consumers from industry are an important future market for new business models. Industrial customers, however, need the safest and most userfriendly measurement technology available on the market – and that’s the smart metering system.”

In addition to the measurement solution for RLM customers, the other focus of the EMH’s presence at the metering trade fair is the CASA SMGW. With CASA, EMH metering presents an SMGW (smart meter gateway), whose development has now been entirely completed. It meets all the requirements for an SMGW-G1 device and contains the TruDI display software required by consumer protection for invoice control. For the first time, the company is presenting value added modules for the gateway, which offer additional functions and thus decisive added value for the rollout of intelligent metering systems.

For example, the basic gateway can be WLAN-enabled to optimally meet the needs of customers. End consumers can use this feature to easily access the gateway’s integrated web browser with their smartphones, tablets or PCs to obtain a detailed breakdown of their energy consumption. EMH metering introduces another added-value module that supports both internal and external switching functions and can transfer tariff information. With such value-added functions, energy providers can develop new products and obtain decisive competitive advantages. The value added modules have been developed in close cooperation with the customers. Product variants with additional functions are under development.

MH metering is the only manufacturer that completely manufactures smart meter gateways and basic meters in Germany. It has capacity for production of up to 600,000 gateways per year. The company is based in Gallin, northern Germany, which not only makes production and delivery extremely fast and flexible – the complete process chain can also be adapted to the needs of customers. On request, EMH Metering offers services such as the installation of SIM cards, additional configurations such as wireless thresholds for roaming functions or advanced assembly, such as the combination of gateways and meters to create an intelligent measurement system. “We do not just supply devices, but also individual customer solutions for the rollout of smart metering systems,” says Heuell.

EMH metering GmbH at the E-world Energy & water trade fair: Hall 2 / Stand 2-226

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